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The Unheard Activists Association

We EMPOWER and EDUCATE young individuals who are interested in creating change, but just don’t know where to START!


We Empower the Unheard

Since youth aren't able to vote, it's very easy to feel forgotten in the public voice. However, youth make up 25% of our global population, and youth activism should be normalized. We exist to give voice to the unheard.

Many don't recognize the power that we have.

We will soon begin to create chapters based on your geographical location, to create a community of activists you can collaborate, discuss and execute projects with.

We never want you to feel alone.

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We hold mass meetings through zoom, where we explore the various mediums of meaningful activism and opportunities available for youth activists.




We never stop learning.

We provide meaningful guidance and mentorship to under resourced activists in underrepresented communities.


Meet The founder​

Esperance Han

A published writer, director, lobbyist and climate activist

Through her work in climate justice, most of her co-activists were seniors in the community. After recognizing a need for more youth involvement in activism, she wanted to bridge the generational gap through creating the Unheard Activists Association. She wants to give students like her a chance to feel heard and powerful in making a difference in the political realm.


Growing up in a rural area, she never had many resources available and often lacked a support system in her activist journey.

“ I had no parental or peer support and felt as if I had to figure everything out myself, and it was a really lonely process. I believe this is why you rarely see young activists; many don't even know how to start.”


We will support you

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